Self Employed Mortgage Solutions

Self Employed Mortgage Solutions

Obtaining a mortgage if you are self-employed has never been easier. Speak to our mortgage broker for a solution and acquire a mortgage.

Being self-employed can be extremely rewarding but also requires a lot of hard work. If you are self-employed, you are probably always looking to minimize your taxes because you want to hold onto most of the money you make, and if your Accountant does a good job, your net income is probably much lower than your gross income.

This however can create problems and frustrations when you are looking for mortgage financing because many lenders require self-employed individuals to use their tax assessments to qualify for a mortgage.

We have solutions for that.

Our mortgage lending partners understand your situation and have creative solutions to help you qualify for a mortgage even when you show a low taxable income. Some of our lenders are even able to offer up to 90% LTV financing for your purchase and up to 80% financing for your refinance.

There are also solutions available with little or no income verification required.

There are multiple solutions available for the different types of self-employed income.

Don’t let a NO from the banks deter you, reach out to us today.

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