How Aaron Charles Is Using His Real Estate Development to Help Elevate the Black Community


In today’s episode of the True Wealth Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Aaron Charles, a real estate agent and developer, and his mission to empower the Black community by helping people build wealth through real estate. Hosted by Seun Adeyemi, this conversation uncovers Aaron’s dedication to making homeownership a reality for many, sharing insights into the strategies and programs used by Golden Triangle Development to achieve this goal.

Transition to Golden Triangle Development:

Fast forward to today, and Aaron’s mission to empower the community has evolved into Golden Triangle Development. With a focus on real estate development projects in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the company is involved in building over 1,000 residential units across various communities. This ambitious undertaking requires a solid team, and Aaron emphasizes the importance of collaboration with architects, contractors, and investors to ensure the successful execution of these projects.

Affordable Housing and Collaboration:

Golden Triangle Development places a strong emphasis on affordable housing and community amenities. To achieve this, they actively partner with government agencies and organizations to secure subsidies and incentives that make homeownership accessible to a broader audience. Their diverse portfolio includes condos, townhouses, and single-family homes, catering to the varied needs of homebuyers in the GTA.

Success Stories and Long-Term Strategies:

The success stories emerging from Golden Triangle Development’s projects are inspiring. Many clients who started as first-time homebuyers have gone on to become real estate investors themselves. This demonstrates the potential for building wealth through real estate when guided by a long-term strategy. Aaron advises potential investors to educate themselves, seek professional guidance, and exercise patience, as real estate is a long-term investment.

Down Payment Assistance and Flexible Programs:

Golden Triangle Development offers programs that assist first-time buyers with down payments and financing. These programs provide flexibility through savings plans, ensuring that buyers can achieve their homeownership dreams. Even if a buyer cannot close on the property within the first two years, they can continue with a savings plan while occupying the unit.

Closing on the Appraised Value:

One of the innovative approaches employed by Golden Triangle Development is the concept of closing on the appraised value rather than the purchase price. If a property appreciates in value while saving for the down payment, this approach can cover the difference, providing a creative solution for buyers.

Getting Started with Golden Triangle Development:

For investors and homebuyers interested in working with Golden Triangle Development, the process is straightforward. It begins with making a deposit and collaborating with the organization to explore available opportunities. The support offered includes guidance, financing options, and access to a network of professionals to ensure clients’ success in real estate endeavors.

Connect with Aaron Charles and Golden Triangle Development:

For those inspired by Aaron’s mission and interested in learning more or getting involved, you can connect with him on social media at AaronCharles.gtd or find Golden Triangle Development on Instagram.


Aaron Charles and Golden Triangle Development are leading the way in creating opportunities for homeownership and wealth-building within the Black community. Their dedication to affordable housing, flexible financing options, and innovative strategies is transforming lives and inspiring a new generation of real estate investors. As Aaron emphasizes, real estate is a long-term game, and with the right support and knowledge, anyone can achieve their homeownership and wealth-building goals. It’s time to collaborate, empower, and make a lasting impact on our communities through real estate.